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Bad-Boy 80Volt! Electric Pole-Saw


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The Pole Saw is a safe and easy way to trim high branches and limbs without the use of a ladder. 80Volts delivers more torque for a professional cutting experience also features more power, longer runtimes, and quiet operation. Includes additional 3′ extension pole for a maximum reach of 11′. The automatic oiler extends the life of your 1/4″ chain. Features a translucent oil tank for a clear view of oil level.

The Bad Boy E-Series Pole Saw is equipped with an ultra-lightweight 8′ aluminum shaft. Add the 3′ extension and increase your reach to 11′, without using a ladder. It makes trimming high branches and limbs safer and easier than ever before. This is the electric tool that can take you to new heights and deliver a commercial-grade cut. If you have trees, the E-Series Pole Saw is the tool you need.


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