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New Bad Boy E-Series Battery Leaf Blower


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The Bad Boy E-Series 80V Brushless Handheld Blower offers the clean, simple convenience of electric power and innovative smart technology. It’s easy to use and simple to start. Our brushless motor and axial jet fan design delivers air speeds of up to 170 MPH, so grass, leaves and debris don’t stand a chance. If you’re searching for powerful and efficient performance, the Bad Boy E-Series Handheld Blower is the perfect alternative to traditional gas-powered equipment. In fact, it will blow you away.

The E-Series Handheld Blower puts control in the palm of your hand. It starts with an ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design. Our variable speed trigger makes it easy to make smooth speed changes and get the perfect amount of air flow. Once you have the speed exactly where you want it, use the cruise control knob to set it and hold it, and viola, no more squeezing the trigger. This feature eliminates the hand fatigue you may experience when working on bigger jobs. Want more power? Use the turbo button for an extra boost of air.


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